Parking Information

Parking for the event is $8.98 (not included in registration), and can be purchased  in-person (cash only) at the campus information booths on the day of the event.

Daily Parking Permits can be purchased once you arrive on campus from a parking permit dispenser or from one of the Information Booths.  Generally, at least one information booth is open between the hours of 7:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m. Sunday - Saturday. 

Information Booth #1, located on Lindley Avenue off Nordhoff Street.
Information Booth #2, located on Prairie Street off Darby Avenue.
Information Booth #3, located off of Zelzah Avenue and Prairie Street.

All valid dates are printed on the face of the permits.

Alternatively, you could buy your parking permit online at (Pls follow instructions on the webpage) for $8 plus a $0.98 convenience fee. 

Parking Regulations on CSUN Campus

1. Parking permits are required at all times in all areas of campus.  All persons using our parking facilities are to park in designated parking areas and spaces and, to purchase the appropriate parking permit before parking in designated areas and spaces.

2. A designated parking space is formed between (2) painted parallel lines. Unless the space is so defined, 
it is not a designated parking space.

3. Provisions of California Vehicle Code are enforced on the campus.


BLUE - Disabled Permit/Placard Required
RED - No Parking
YELLOW - Loading/Unloading Zone